Nature and the Great Outdoors

Sailing, Diving and Boat Rentals

Relax under the sun as you sail along the beautiful Messinian coast, discover untouched small islands, dive into crystal clear waters and uncover the secrets of the sea, or be the captain of your boat and explore to your heart’s content. The Mediterranean awaits.

Hiking in Messinia

From easy nature trails to demanding mountainous routes Messinia offers a huge variety of options when it comes to exploring on foot. Discover the captivating scenery of Polylimnio and the Navarino Bay, wander through the traditional paths of Kardamyli, or tackle the summit of the imposing Mount Taygetus at 2407 meters.

Bird Watching

The wetlands of Gialova (Divari) are of particular ecological interest as a major stopover point for many migratory birds. The best time to visit is during Spring or Autumn when you will have a chance to spot several different types of birds including the famous greater Flamingo.

Caves of Diros

Nearly 3.5 kilometers long, the caves of Diros are the largest collection of caves in Greece. Featuring a forest of stalactites and stalagmites in an enchanting palette of colors it is truly a sight to behold. At the nearby Diros Museum you can also find a collection of paleolithic findings discovered in the caves.